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Punta Gorda, FL


Thank you so much for visiting my site. It's been an unusual journey on my way to painting. Due to an illness when I was 40 - over 2 decades ago - I had to quit working. One day I went to a large mall and was happily surprised by an art show/competition. While looking at all the paintings (about 1,000 in all), I was drawn to one particular artist. It turned out she was the teacher to 1/2 of the artists there. Having told her I was degreed in opera and concert, she immediately told me: "If you are in one of the arts, you are in all of them." That turned out to be true, and it turned out I could paint. Since then, I have been in jurried competitions, came in second in my first and first in my second. One is now in a museum, a gift from a patron. I enjoy painting most any style, but have yet to have the patience to do a portrait. Perhaps someday. In the meantime, as I'm OLD, I've volunteered at our Senior Center and have been an art teacher in oil on canvas for about a year. It's great fun.

Having majored in music, one learns the styles throughout music history also apply to art, literature and architecture. So my interest in painting was a natural way to express myself. My teacher was great and I would spend 1/3 of the class watching her fix people's mistakes. That was very educational and great fun.

Please enjoy my paintings, as they have been a joy for me to paint. Thank you.


Waiting for Friends


Monet Style by Alanna


Champagne and Fruit


Prince Faisal's Home in FL


Gone to Work


Native American Pottery


Paradise found


Grandma's Chocolate Set


Sharing Thoughts


Favorite Flowers


Welcome to My Kitchen


Arabic Welcome to My Kitchen


Fun Fruit


Sunrise Sunset


Riviera Remembered


Iris Dreams


Work to Be Done


Rocky Mountain Waterfall


SIX EIGHT Singing In The Rain


Van Gogh Iris by Alanna


Paris Yoli by Alanna


For Mom and Dad


Pansies Posing


Waiting To Come Home


Passionate Poppies